Sinful Whispers



Work Schedule: (CST)
Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
Monday-Tuesday: OFF / Personal

Terms of Service

I have the right to refuse any requests.All commissions are announced via Fur affinity journals or posts.

Terms of Use

Copyright: The commissioned piece you receive is for private and personal use only!♡ You ARE ALLOWED to post the piece to your gallery as long as credit is given.♡ You ARE ALLOWED to print it out to hang, or make things for your own personal use.♡ You ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell the artwork for profit or reproduce the image in any way.-------------------------------------------

Basic Rules

♡ I will not produce or trade adult content work with anyone under the age of 18.♡ Please familiarize yourself with my TOS and rules before asking for a commission or trade request.♡ I as the original creator of the artwork, have the right to post or upload the artwork on my websites. If you wish to stay as an anonymous commissioner, please make sure to let me know beforehand♡ I will not issue refunds unless i have failed to properly communicate with the commissioner after 2 months of failed communication or reply. Please come talk to me first about a refund.-------------------------------------------


♡ A proper reference sheet or a simple non shaded view of the character is needed when you are commissioning me. I will not work off huge descriptions unless it's for a custom or revamp of a character design (ref sheet comm.)♡ Please be patient! I work pretty fast and have a decent work schedule, but unexpected occasions do pop up once in a while. I will post a journal or note my commissioners regarding any delays if something does happen.♡ I will not show the commissioner any type of WIPs until some part of payment has been given.♡ People I trade with will now be required to show me proof beforehand that they have started on their half before I can show or continue my half. Too many people I have traded with have failed to complete their half after my part was finished.-------------------------------------------


  • Anthros

  • Humans

  • Bara / Feminine male

  • Chubby / petite bodies

  • Intersex / futa / c-boy / trans

  • Feral dragons


  • Artistic Nudes

  • Candy gore

  • NSFW - (tentacle Penetration or any type of penetration, playing with self, ASK ME WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE)

  • SOME FETISHES!!! - (hypnotized, bondage, Macro/Micro, spanking, light bruising/cuts, candy gore, etc)

  • Any couple - (F/F),(F/M),(M/M)

  • Art with my characters - (depends what they will be doing and which character)

  • OCs

  • Fan characters - (depends on who they are i will not accept all)

  • SOME weapons and armor

  • Feral - (Animal Art) ((SFW ONLY))

  • Animal Genitalia - (horse peen, dog peen, feline peen, etc.)



  • Scat, watersports, inflation, diapers, Transformation, Hyper, Gore - (ASK ME WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE)


  • NSFW art of feral (animals on 4 legs!)


Custom/Design Rules

♡ Characters are not to be used as trade fodder, or as "trading cards".♡ Designs must be owned for ATLEAST a week before being traded off or re-sold. Even then, characters being put on trade and re-sold repeatedly by the same user will result in blacklisting.♡ You're free to upload and use your custom or design however you wish to.♡ If you plan on trading a character designed by me, please come to me first. I have a blacklist of people who are not allowed to own my designs due to the failure of following my rules or scamming.♡ You are free to sell a character for the price you spent on them. Gift art, art you received through trades (or artwork no money was spent on), should not be included in the final price of the character.♡ Co-ownership of characters are allowed. As long as someone has screenshots on hand of everyone involved confirming said co-ownership. If money was involved, please take screenshots as well of all the proof.♡ Any potential new owners of a character or design I have created, must be aware of my adopt TOS.----+----♡ " Can I sell the adopt I bought from you/from someone else?"- YES!! You absolutely can!
As long as it's no more than what you spent on the Character/art.
Just let me know beforehand so I can make sure the potential new owner isn't someone on my blacklist!
♡ "Can I accept a voucher for an adopt I got through a purchase or spent money on even though it was through trade? "-YES! Vouchers are totally acceptable when you've spent money on them.
As long as the voucher is no more than what you spent on the Character/art.
♡ "Can I accept a voucher on a Character that I got through a trade but didn't spend any money on?"-Sadly no, Asking a potential new owner for money, that you didn't spend yourself to receive said design, is pretty unfair.♡ "The character I traded for one of your designs was worth more. Can I sell your design to earn that back?"-Sadly no, since they were still received through trade. Whether one of my designs was worth less or not, it was still decided by you initially to trade then with the previous owner after knowing their worth. Again, nothing was spent to obtain the design from the previous owner, it wouldn't be fair for future owners to spend money for a design you didn't spend anything on to receive.-------------------------------------------


Please be sure to read my TOS before ordering a commission.If you have any questions please don't hesitate to note me through Fur affinity or Twitter.I use PayPal only. No e-checks.


CS Bust

Head - ShouldersFlat colors, highlightsTransparent or simple background

  • Bust flat CS - $115 USD


Playlist Bust CS

Head - shouldersSoft cell shaded with colored playlist format

  • Playlist CS - $125 USD


Colored sketch (CS)

Fullbody, flat colors, highlightsTransparent or simple background

  • Fullbody flat - $150 USD

  • Extra char.(2 char. max) - +$100 USD

  • Wings/extra limbs - +25 USD


Soft shade CS

Fullbody, simple soft shadeTransparent or simple background

  • Fullbody shaded - $250 USD

  • Extra char.(2 char. max) - +$150 USD

  • Wings/extra limbs - +50 USD


Diorama CS

Fullbody, small "island"Transparent or simple background

  • Fullbody Soft shade - $350 USD

  • Thigh up soft shade - $250 USD

  • Extra char.(2 char. max) - +$150 USD

  • Wings/extra limbs - +50 USD


Full Render (Pinups)

Fullbody, Pen outline, Fully shaded

  • Flat background - $350 USD

  • Detailed background - $500 USD

  • Extra character - +150$ USD

  • Large wings/extra limbs - +50$ USD

  • Close up Shots - +25$ USD

  • Cum version + Clean version - +25$ USD

  • Floating dicks - +25 (each one)


Customs / Ref sheets

Fullbody, textured outline, Flats, highlights, Moodboard

  • Frontal view - $500 USD

  • Frontal + Back - $550 USD

  • Outfit view - +$50 USD (each)

  • Half Body - +$25 USD (shoulder - thigh)

  • Chibi - +$50 USD (each)

  • Head shot - +$50 USD (each)

  • Large wings - +25$ USD

  • Small wings - +$15 USD

  • Extra limbs - +$25 USD (each set)

  • Closeup shots - +$20 USD (each)

  • Both SFW + NSFW - +$30 USD